We bridge the gap between your vision and your customer’s emotion. If Customer Experience is being designed right, your customers will be loyal to you, if done wrong they will tear your business apart.  CX Expert Asia  focuses on Design, Innovation, Deployment Consulting service in ASIA.

We coach and consult organisations to re-design their Customer Experience Journey Mapping in a holistic approach.  We also create a long-lasting, loving relationship between customers and companies which is called CUSTOMER LOYALTY.

Our approach covers The Six Disciplines or Building Blocks of Customer Experience (CX) Design, Innovation & Deployment:-

  1. Strategy – Unique Experience Proposition
  2. Customer Understanding – Voice of Customer,
  3. Design Thinking – Empathise – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Test
  4. Measurement – Hard & Soft Measure of performance – Net Promoter’s Score (NPS)
  5. Governance – Functional Alignment and Cross-Functional Decision
  6. Culture – Customer-Centric Culture, Change Agent

What sets us apart.

Our economic analysis will enable you to build a robust business case by quantifying both cost-efficiency savings and enhanced revenue benefits. To help reduce risk, we work with you through a simple 3-stage process:

Stage 1: Customer Immersion

Scoping the priorities for investment and the development of your business-case to ensure organisation-wide support

Stage 2: Early Wins

Improving the key priorities identified by customer immersion to improve customer experience, reduce waste and improve profitability immediately.

Stage 3: Transformation

Re-investing the gains from early wins to deliver customer transformation that drives long-term competitive advantage.

Our approach uses industry data, customer data and internal operational data to link the overall customer relationship value and its improvement to improved profitability.

This allows you to demonstrate the positive impact of customer experience improvements on customer up-sell, cross-sell, retention, acquisition and price sensitivity.

At CX Expert Asia, we are committed to helping our clients make a well-informed and sustainable investment in customer centricity.

About us

Back in 2008, customer experience pioneer and International Customer Experience Consultant A. Santhakumaran, recognised that the paradigm shifts in the digital era were leaving the experience disjointed for the customer. CX Expert Asia was conceived and since its inception, it has become renowned for its dedication to the customer agenda. It has led the way in creating value by transforming customer journeys into compelling and commercial experiences, bringing many companies closer to their customers and improving results.

CX Expert Asia is typically engaged in national and international Customer Experience improvement and transformation programmes, receiving endorsements for creativity, insight and fresh thinking.  Our proprietary journey mapping solution helps to bring the customer to life, showing immediate pain points in real-time and identifying where future intervention will offer the highest value. It can transform your customers’ behaviour into your biggest asset.

It’s critical to understand the implications of not becoming customer centric and the direct impact this is likely to have on future growth and efficiency strategies.  The future arrives faster than we think…. Customer Experience is the way forward to future-proof your business.

It’s incredible to know that CX Expert Asia is going to be the No.1 success factor for any business in the future and yet not many realise it.  That’s why we need to educate ourselves to get better every day to future-proof our business.  The secret doesn’t play with your customer’s feelings.  It can lead to disaster.

Gone are the days that we’ve been talking about Customer Satisfaction Index.  A satisfied customer may not necessarily have a good feeling about your company or brand.  As statistic shows, 80% of customers will choose to walk away from you quietly instead of letting you know why they decided to leave.  CX Expert Asia is about finding that reason why are they moving and correcting it so that they stay with you.



International Customer Experience Consultant

His Credentials

  • Judge in North American Customer Centricity Award 2020
  • Pursuing Master Degree in Social Science (UPM)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) (UKM)
  • (Majored in Marketing)
  • HRDF Certified Trainer (TTT/2930)
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (International Six Sigma Institute)
  • Certified NLP Practitioner (NFNLP – USA)
  • Certified First Aid & Emergency Responder

A. Santhakumaran (Santha) is based in Kuala Lumpur, a Customer Experience (CX) thought leader, keynote speaker, leader for training events in South East Asia with a total of two decades of corporate experience in multiple domains such as property development, telecommunication, international trade exhibition, customer loyalty engagement with local and global organizations.   Santha has a decade of experience in advising multinational corporations on customer acquisition & engagement strategies, customer insights and building customer-obsessed culture. Santha is a highly sort after Customer Experience (CX) Consultant in South East Asia simply because he understands local culture better than others.

Santha leverages nearly two decades of experience in customer experience, sales & marketing, customer service and building great working teams.  His expertise includes customer journey mapping, customer experience design, customer experience measurement, design thinking, customer experience maturity and future proofing businesses.

Prior to setting up Atmalink in the year 2008, Santha was the Country Manager for Obelix Networks Sdn Bhd and PT Obelix Indonesia network engineering and solution provider in South East Asia.  Santha also has consulted a wide variety of businesses in various industries and has seen how customer experience management have a significant impact on all business success.  Santha is now helping businesses and Customer Design professionals to maximize their potential. His ability to enlighten people in customer experience has made him a good sort after customer experience consultant in the region.

Santha has conducted training programs, consulting and coaching for many well-known and reputable organizations in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam. He has designed, developed as well as conducted learning programs for thousands of executives in numerous multinationals, government-linked as well as business enterprises in the areas relating to customer experience, customer engagement, and sales. Some of his clients are Bursa Malaysia, Affin Hwang Investment Bank, RHB Investment Bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (Brunei), The Empire Hotel and Country Club (Brunei), Bank Simpanan Nasional, Giant Hypermarket, Siemens Malaysia, Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), MAA Group, Felda Global Ventures, UMW Group and Pos Malaysia to name a few.

Contact us today at +6019-3819664 or email us at santhakumaran@cxpert.asia for more information

Check Santha’s personal site @ http://www.santhakumaran.com 

All our programs are HRDF claimable.

Sentil Nathan


Master in Business Administration ( Cardiff, UK )

Bachelor of Business Administration ( UKM, Malaysia )

Accredited Customer Experience Specialist ACXS

CAAM Certified Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Instructor [Human Factor and Limitation]

Certified Critical Incidents Stress Management Practitioner

Certified Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt)

Certified HRDF TTT Trainer

NLP Practitioner (Associate)

Professional Trainer in Customer Experience plus Human Factor and Limitations with experience and exposure for almost a decade in the airline/aviation industry with Air Asia, the multiple award winner as “World’s Best Low Cost Airline” specializing in:

  • Customer Experience / SCO Method Improve Customer Experience and Smarter Customer Engagement
  • Crew Resource Management ( CRM ) Effective Communication, Integrated Decision Making Model, Information Processing, Situational Awareness, Threat & Error Management (TEM)
  • Lean Management Concept of continuous improvement, Achieving small, incremental changes in processes for Efficiency and Quality
  • Six Sigma Practices Techniques and tools for Process Improvement
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Intervention protocol developed specifically for dealing with traumatic events
  • Mental Health Practices Mental health and work: impact, issues and good practices A strong believer in cultivating culture and safety awareness in any workforce especially in the digital era where human factor plays a vital role in establishing a strong foundation in both financial and reputational health of the organization.